Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Holiday Shopping Made Easy

Being an artist / entrepreneur has definitely been a journey.  As I reflect back, I know I have not given myself enough credit along the way.  Life has a way of being taxing, and there are many people who would have given up if they went through some of the things I've been through.  I don't say that to brag, I'm simply acknowledging that I need to celebrate myself and my wins way more than I do.  I've got a whole website out here with products I made! 

Holiday Gift Guide for Her by Estee Marie

Number 1 is Chibi Cosmetics make up brand.  My baby sister is a boss babe starting her own business while getting her MBA.  Her products are great quality and affordable, a plus! head over to

Number 3 is available on  This boss babe is a momprenuer doing great things. She has a variety of beads from zodiac signs to breast cancer awareness.  While I know this is a gift guide focusing on gifts for women, I'd do you a disservice not to let you know she has beads for men as well. 

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