I've Been Featured!

I've Been Featured!

I'm excited to share with you all that I've been featured on Voyage LA! It's been an interesting journey and there are many things I realize I could have done differently, BUT I'm glad to be here. Sometimes, if you have faced childhood trauma, it causes you to battle with self esteem.  I can speak to that as I have had many battles within myself doubting, and constantly feeding myself negative self talk. 

I've been on a journey of self love and healing, because it will be very difficult to fulfill my God given purpose full of the trauma, and negative thoughts, and constant self criticism.  While reflection is great, where my mind used to go was not a place that would cause me to be productive which further caused me to criticize myself for not achieving these lofty goals I set for myself. This put me on a constant cycle of inner negativity and it's no wonder I was stuck.

Healing is like peeling an onion - its layered and what it releases will make you cry, but it's worth it.  I will organize my thoughts on this topic better and bring you some more posts.  For now, here is the link to the article.  

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