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Paint Pouring for the ABSOLUTE beginner! | E Dot Marie

There's something about a paint pour that just feels so therapeutic. Maybe it's the way the colors mix together, or how you can just let go and watch the paint flow. If you're looking for a stress relief activity, painting is a great option. And if you're new to painting, don't worry – we'll walk you through everything you need for a basic paint pour. So grab your supplies and let's get started! 

1. If you are not into having to get the paint ready to pour, I suggest grabbing a ready pour mixed paint.  This will save time and get you pouring quickly.

2. You need to elevate your canvas or wood piece from the surface you are working on.  Grabbing these mini stands or using the little condiment containers can work.

3. This is a messy way to create, so it's important to have a designated area to pour.  I like to pour into an aluminum foil pan that I grabbed from the Dollar Tree to help catch all the runoff paint.

4. A cup is needed.  There are a few different techniques, but for the novice, I suggest a dirty pour.  Take your colors and pour the paints in the cup on top of each other. Be sure your canvas has a layer of paint (whatever you want your background color(s) to be)

5. Last but not least, you need something to paint on! Stretched canvas works for this technique, or wooden canvas.

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