Seasons Change

Seasons Change

African-American female with afro in yellow shirt standing next to mural painted of butterfly life cycle

It has been a major time of transition so I do apologize for the lack of blog posts, but I'm back in the swing of things as we prep for the holiday rush.  Summer was here today, gone yesterday it went so fast, but it was definitely eventful. I traveled to Vegas twice for creative adventures that were very fulfilling to complete. I painted another mural, which makes this my 5th one. I also hosted a paint party for a youth camp in the mountains just outside of Vegas. Returning from that trip,  I built props for an amazing dance production and I definitely impressed myself- that was some of my largest work as it was made for the stage.  

I just travelled to big bear to host an amazing healing workshop that I'm excited to continue to offer called The Heart Pour (more details in a later post). The ladies created some amazing works that represented themselves and I am honored to be part of the healing that took place that weekend. Art is such a healing tool if you allow it to be.

This month I am exhibiting 6 pieces in a group show at the Dysonna Gallery of Art.  The series features Birth Month Flowers, which was something I did not even realize was a thing until this summer when I started the series. As I prepare for the end of the year, I am pleased for the changes that are happening in my life, and I hope as life continues to evolve, you embrace the changes that are happening in your life. Change can be scary. While we can look at unfamiliar territory as something to fear, we also have the choice to look at the unknown as an opportunity to become... Whatever that becoming is, I'm here for it.

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