The Road to 500

The Road to 500

Every new year, many people set goals that pretty much become a non-factor by this time of year.  I opted for something different this year. I embarked on a challenge that will push me as an artist and propel my business in the right direction.  This challenge was started by my amazing fitness coach and I was seriously moved by the idea.

I've spent a lot of time generating excuses for why I did not have time to pursue my dreams, however 2022 is different. I watched my mother pick up the pieces of her aspirations in the later years of her life, go back to school in her late 50's and finish Nursing School. Losing her was a wake up call for me. I don't want to wait until I'm in my late 50's to finally go after my dreams - plus, looking at the way the world is headed, Jesus may come back before then! But seriously, I want to live the life of my dreams now.

This year I set a goal to sell 500 items made by me. This is inclusive of art prints, coasters, etc. I'm at 62 and counting.  With all the pop ups I have in April, I'm excited to see what number I will be at by the end of the month.  I'm super grateful for this journey and taking a chance on myself. I've also set a goal to gain 500 engaged subscribers to my website/email list. If you come across some of my posts on social media, please give them a share.   

Let me know - is there something you would like to start as your road to 500? It could be to read 500 pages this year, walk 500 miles, do 500 hours of something, Whatever it may be, let me know if you decide to take the road.

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I love this goal.. So excited for ya!

Brittany D

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