With God, Anything is Possible

So it's April - The beginning of Q2. The focus scripture in my goal setting planner is Matt 19:26 "With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible." I want to share a bit of what the month of April has been for me, busy with pop ups almost every week, and a big project that I did not know if I was going to be able to pull off.  I had never done anything to the magnitude of this project, but I prayed every step of the way.  I am excited to say I successfully completed my first Set Design for a production.

Knowing that all things are possible with God is what helped me get through this task, with help from my hubby and his carpentry skills.  We combined our efforts to make the best props we could for the Anointed Feet Dance production that is happening in just a few days.  There is a level of confidence that comes from knowing that God will always come through that allowed me to take on this project, though it was something I'd never done.  The ability to problem solve quickly and think fast helped me to make decisions that helped bring these two props together.  Are there some things I would have done a little different, of course, in retrospect, I see areas for improvement, but I'm amazed at what I was able to accomplish in a few days.

This year I've made the decision to not allow fear to hold me back and to do things that scare me.  I'm taking chances on myself without excuse, believing that ANYTHING is possible with God. What is something you want to try and do that you have not because fear has been in your ear? Let me know in the comments.


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